Landscape ecology: linking environment and society

2012 ialeUK conference

The University of Edinburgh, 4-6 September 2012

The University of Edinburgh logoUse of land and resources is central to people’s relationship with their environment. This international conference explored how landscape ecology can help guide sustainable use of land and the services it provides to society.

‘…our land is a finite resource, and it is set to come under increasing pressure as the century unfolds. [....] Deciding how to balance [...] competing pressures and demands is a major challenge for the coming century...'
Professor Sir John Beddington 

The conference brought together people with relevant expertise from across science, policy and practice, to learn from each other, and identify ways in which landscape ecology can support necessary shifts in land management to deliver improved and enduring benefits to society and the environment.

The multidisciplinary conference attracted delegates with an interest in landscape protection, planning, and management, including researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from 20 countries.