1998: Key Concepts in Landscape Ecology

Proceedings of the 1998 European Congress of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE), held at Myerscough College 3rd-5th September 1998.

Edited by: J.W. Dover and R.G.H. Bunce

The 1998 European Congress of IALE was attended by delegates from 22 countries and three continents; the meeting addressed six of the key themes within Landscape Ecology

Theme 1: A European perspective on the definition of landscape character and biodiversity.

Theme 2: Landscape change and underlying processes

Theme 3: The definition of fragmentation and its implications for species

Theme 4: Corridors: theory and practice

Theme 5: Dispersal within agricultural landscapes

Theme 6: Landscape restoration and policy

“Landscape ecology is defined as the study of the interactions between the temporal and spatial aspects of a landscape and its flora, fauna and cultural components”



Delegate List .. ix

Preface .. .xix

Inaugural Lecture

River regulation and landscape change
W. Carter Johnson .. 3

Theme 1: A European perspective on the definition of landscape character and Biodiversity.

Invited Paper

A European perspective on the definition of landscape character and Biodiversity.
R.H.G. Jongman, R.G.H. Bunce & R. Elena-Rossello .. . 21

Poster Papers

A regional ecological characterisation method for quality and impact assessment
J.P. Fernandes, L. Quinta-Nova & P. Baptista .. .. 37

Biotope models and nature quality
B. Münier, B. Nygaard, R. Ejrnæs & J.R. Fredshavn .. .43

Mapping the endemic plants of Crete with GIS
I. Vogiatzakis & G.H. Griffiths .. 51

A classification of British salt-marshes at the landscape scale
S. Waite .. .57

Landscape indices - useful tools or misleading numbers?
W.E. Dramstad, W.J. Fjellstad & G.L.A. Fry .. .. 63

Species richness: a multilevel concept
S. Vanpeene Bruhier & J.-J. Brun .. 69

Forest diversity derived from remote sensing: Possibilities and limitations
Niels Chr. Nielsen & Thomas Haeusler .. .. 75

Using remote sensing in landscape patterns evaluation
J. de Castro & A. Gómez Sal .. 76

Landscape analysis of an hydrological network - the case of the Rio Tornada catchment
H. Farrall, A. Incio & M. Paiva .. 77

Theme 2: Landscape change and underlying processes

Invited Paper

Changes in landscape structure and its impact on biodiversity and landscape values: a Norwegian perspective.
G.L.A. Fry .. 81

Poster Papers

Methodological approaches for the investigation of landscape water balance on the landscape scale
U. Steinhardt .. 93

Land use change and nutrient flows in a rural catchment
Ü. Mander, A. Kull & V. Kuusemets .. .. 103

Agricultural land use and landscape changes in a period of post-productive transition
L.S. Kristensen & R. Roepers .. 111

Present land use changes in the Czech rural landscape: causes and consequences
Z. Lipský & D. Kvapil .. 117

Analysis of land use change on the South Downs, United Kingdom
N.G. Burnside, R. Smith, S. Waite & N.M. Watson .. .123

Landscape ecology and the management of the South Downs, United Kingdom
N.G. Burnside, R. Smith, S. Waite & N.M. Watson .. .131

Modelling the afforestation of agricultural landscapes in Great Britain
D.C. Howard, R.G.H. Bunce, L.G. Firbank & H.M. van de Poll .. 137

Providing a framework for Mediterranean landscape structure and functionality description, the case of semiarid area with a high conservation value in Alentejo (Portugal)
P.J. Baptista & J.P. Fernandes .. 143

Landscape status and changes in the European part of Russia
E.Yu. Lioubimtseva, L.N. Yanvareva, N.N. Kazantsev, E.V. Milanova .. 151

Modelling plant and animal diversity in a Scottish catchment devoted to agriculture
P.Dennis, I.S. Downie, A.L. Milligan, V.J. Abernethy, D.I. McCracken, G.N. Foster, K.J. Murphy, A. Waterhouse & R.W. Furness .. 161

Analysis of the ecological evolution of an area in the Setubal Peninsula (Apostiça) caused by changes in land use patterns
L. Quinta-Nova .. 167

Landscape change resulting from military training: an historical approach
R.A. Hirst, R.F. Pywell, P.D. Putwain & F.F. Gerard .. .173

Landscape structure as indicators for sustainable land use? - a case study in alpine and lowland landscapes of Austria
Thomas Wrbka .. 177

Changes in land usage in the “Slupia Valley” Landscape Park during 1877-1996 years on the basis of archival and contemporary maps and remote sensisng
A. Flis .. .181

Transport corridors and the evolution of landscape structure - the Lisbon Metropolitan Area case-study
H. Farrall, C. Mendes, L. Vasconcelos & M. Paiva .. .182

Landscape Ecology in Palaeoecology
Melanie Smith .. 183

Theme 3: The definition of fragmentation and its implications for species

Invited Papers

Forest fragmentation: processes, concepts and implications for species
J. Kouki & S. L öfman .. 187

Relationship between patch connectivity and the occurrence of the European red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, in forest fragments within heterogeneous landscapes
S. Villalba, H. Gulinck, G. Verbeylen & E. Matthysen .. .205

Poster Papers

Fragmentation of pond landscapes - approaches, meaning, and implications
J. Boothby .. 221

Co-occurrence of bird species-richness and the abundance of individual bird species in highly fragmented farm woods in eastern England
S.A. Hinsley, P.E. Bellamy & P. Rothery .. .. 227

Spatial relationship between landscape attributes and biodiversity. The case of nesting and wintering birds in the perimetropolitan area of Barcelona
J. Pino, F. Rodà, J. Ribas & X. Pons .. .. 233

Bird species diversity in urban forest remnants: landscape pattern and habitat quality
U. Mörtberg .. 239

Landscape fragmentation from Landsat.TM satellite imagery: A case study from Greece, using the GIS Idrisi
F.Th. Papadimitriou .. 245

Interpretation and mapping landscape pattern in forest-steppe zones of Russia using remote sensing
E. Lioubimtseva .. 251

Theme 4: Corridors: theory and practice

Invited Papers

Corridors: theory, practice and the achievement of conservation objectives
R.J. Hobbs & A.-M. Wilson .. 265

Biocorridors: theory and practice
Z. Šustek .. 281

Poster papers

Detecting and measuring landscape linear elements at different scales

P. S. Olmos & J.V. de Lucio .. 297

Large-scale corridors and long-term landscape change
F. Th. Papadimitriou .. 303

Can vascular plants use corridors for their dispersal?
J. Novàkovà .. 309

The use of faunapassages along waterways under motorways
G. Veenbaas & G.J. Brandjes .. 315

Modelling the role played by aided migration in the dispersal of alien
plant species
G. Campbell, P. Blackwell & F. Woodward .. .. 320


Theme 5: Dispersal within agricultural landscapes

Invited Papers

Dispersal, movement, connectivity and land use processes
J. Baudry & F. Burel .. 323

Poster papers

Modelling butterflies movement in agricultural landscape
M. Martin & A. Ouin .. 341

Nodes and linear sections of field boundaries: plant species richness, soil nutrients and boundary width
J.W. Dover, K.R. Butt & D. Pearson .. .. 347

Distribution of trees and shrubs in the field boundaries of an agricultural landscape - roles of connectivity and connectedness
I.L. Sarlöv-Herlin, G.L.A. Fry & L.G.B. Andersson .. .351

Theme 6: Landscape restoration and policy

Invited Papers

Nature and landscape planning and policy in NW Europe: Dutch and German examples.
W.B. Harms, P.J.A.M. Smeets & A. Werner .. .. 355

Poster papers

Creating new woodland on farms in the UK: ecologically assessing the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme
J. Hay .. .383

Approaches to the restoration of degraded field boundary habitats in agricultural landscapes
M.J. Maudsley, T,M, West, H.P. Rowcliffe & E.J.P. Marshall .. 387

Hedgerows and non-point source pollution: field test and landscape planning
D. Franco .. 393

Landscape ecological principles in the environmental compensation of the Gallarate railway-motorway exchange area (Lombardy)
V. Ingegnoli .. 399

Towards the integration of land use and natural resources: contributions of landscape analysis to regional planning
D. Petry & R. Krönert .. 405

Multicriteria optimisation of landscapes using (GIS-based) functional assessments B.C. Meyer & R. Grabaum .. 411

Closing lecture

Key concepts and interdisciplinearity in Landscape Ecology: A summing-up and outlook
J. Brandt .. 421