2000: Quantitative Approaches to Landscape Ecology

Proceedings of the European IALE Congress held at University of Wales, Bangor, September 2000

Edited by Tom Clare and David Howard.

Session 1. Linking socio-economic driving forces to landscape ecology

Linking socio-economic driving forces to landscape ecology

R. McFarlane .. 3

Objective and subjective assessments of environmental quality: a case study

J. Boothby .. 15

Socio-economic forces in Gozo (Maltese Islands) and landscape ecology analysis.

S.M. Haslam .. 25

Wildlife management on industrial sites

A. Cooper, G. Nevin, I. Herbert and H. Shackle .. 33

Landscape ecology, EIA and sustainable landscapes

M.B. Potschin and R.H. Haines-Young .. 39

Quantifying the cultural dimension with particular reference to village landscapes in north west England

T. Clare and S. Hammond .. 49


Session 2. Analysis of temporal change at a landscape scale

Estimating change in landscape elements using different sample sizes

D.C. Howard and C.J. Barr .. 61

Analysis of the temporal change in the lignite mining region south of Leipzig using GIS and landscape metrics

A. Lausch and F.Biederman .. 71

Measuring woodland changes in the Snowdonia National Park

A. Gkaraveli and J.H. Williams .. 83

The vegetation of ecological compensation areas in the Swiss plateau – a preliminary evaluation

S. Dreier, G. Hofer, D. Knecht and F. Herzog .. 93


Session 3. Modelling ecological change in the landscape

Biodiversity and landscape interactions on Scottish farmland

D.I. McCracken, P. Dennis, A.L. Milligan,L.J. Cole, I.S. Downie, K.J. Murphy, R.W. Furness, A. Waterhouse, G.N. Foster and J.A. Milne97

Modelling consequences on butterfly mobility of rural landscape dynamics.

A.Ouin, M. Manuel and F.Burel .. 107

Mathematical modelling of land use diversity change in south-eastern Europe: the case of Albania

F. Papadimitriou .. 115

The Lorenz curve as an indicator of scale effect on map information content

J. Bogaert, R. Rousseau, P. Van Hecke, D. Salvador-Van Eysenrode and R. Ceulmans121

Use of GIS in determining core areas of a Regional Ecological Network

S.A. Clarke and J. Boothby .. 131

The use of landscape metrics to model land cover change

A.J.Comber, R.V. Birnie and M. Hodgson .. 143

The barn owl (Tyto alba) on Anglesey (Ynys Môn): habitat suitability modeling for improved targeting of conservation measures and monitoring issues

C.P. Webb, I.T. Cartwright and I.M. Harris .. 163


Session 4. Impacts of isolation within a landscape

Birds in woodland fragments - not just who and where, but also what, how many and how good

S.A. Hinsley and P.E. Bellamy .. 169

Is isolation a problem for English Lizard Orchids?

P.D. Carey .. 177

Genetic impact of habitat isolation on the Heath Fritillary in Kent, UK

G.H. Griffiths, G.J. Holloway, P. Richardson and D.C. Howard .. 185