2001: Hedgerows of the World: Their Ecological Functions in Different Landscapes

Contents of Proceedings

Keynote Lectures

An overview of the landscape ecology of hedgerows
J Baudry & RGH Bunce .. 3

Contemporary themes in hedgerow research in the UK
D McCollin .. 17

Theme 1: The Definition and Character of Hedgerows

Hedgerows in the farming landscapes of Canada
CBoutin, B Jobin, L Bélanger, A Baril & KE Freemark .. 33

Hedgerows of different cultures: implications from a Canadian and English cross-cultural study
SM Oreszczyn & AB Lane .. 43

Multifunctional hedgerows in Norway
G Fry .. 53

Poster Papers

From past to present: the changing functions of hedges in England and the West of France -Bocages, woodlands and enclosures
A Antoine .. 63

GIS – a tool for hedgerow management
R Bonet, H Merle & A Benoit .. 69

Developing a national hedgerow survey method for England and Wales
CJ Bickmore & JP Wenman .. 75

The ecological evaluation of hedgerows: a first attempt at a practical approach
M Chincarini & E Padoa-Schioppa .. 81

The cropped walls of Malta
SM Haslam .. 87

Mapping hedgerows in a landscape context using airborne remote sensing data
RA Hill, GM Smith & RM Fuller .. 93

Sources of error in the estimation of lengths of hedgerows
DC Howard .. 99

Spatial knowledge and characteristics of the mountain hedgerow network of Bourg d'Oisans plain (French Alps)
S Pacyna & S Vanpeene-Bruhier .. 105

Woody field boundaries in Great Britain: stock and change between 1990 and 1998
S Petit, RC Stuart, MK Gillespie & CJ Barr .. 111

Development of the space occupied by hedgerows in France over the past 40 years: the contribution and limits of statistical data
P Pointereau .. 117

Hedgerows in North-western Germany: History, ecological functions, management and future of hedges in the cultural landscape of Westphalia, Germany
B Tenbergen .. 123

Theme 2: The Value of Hedgerows to Wildlife


Hedgerows in the Mediterranean region: a multifunctional system which links diversity with the history of cultivated plants
MG Paoletti, AL Dreon & FC Lorenzoni .. 131

An assessment of the potential of British hedges to act as corridors and refuges for Ancient Woodland Indicator plants
SM Smart, RGH Bunce & RC Stuart .. 137

How can an understanding of dispersal processes for woody species contribute to the establishment and management of hedgerows?
I Sarlöv Herlin .. 147

Poster papers

The effect of connection to woodlands on the woody species composition of hedgerows: A case study on the Mendip Hills plateau, North Somerset
A J Boots .. 157

Professor Ronald Good’s Botanical Survey of Dorset
N Button .. 163



Landscape woody border increases insect diversity in alfalfa fields
JD Holland and L Fahrig .. 167

The influence of hedgerows on coleopteran distributions: results from a multi-field sampling study
JM Holland, M Begbie, T Birkett, CJM Reynolds & CFG Thomas .. 177

Diversity of field margins in an intensive crop region (Gâtine lochoise, France): explanatory factors and effects on biodiversity
F di pietro & a génin .. 187

The effect of hedgerow characteristics on the winter hedgerow bird community
DE Chamberlain, JA Vickery, EJP Marshall & GM Tucker .. 197


Poster Papers

Hedgerows as refuges for pest birds and plants: could Québec's farmers be wrong?
B Jobin, C Boutin & L Bélanger .. 207

The importance of hedgerow field boundaries to densities of beneficial invertebrates in cereals
SJ Moreby & S Southway .. 213

Analysis of hedgerow networks in a regional park of Lombardy: preliminary results
E Padoa-Schioppa, M Baietto, L Bottoni, D Facchinetti, & R Massa .. 219

International use of field boundary shrubs by a migratory warbler: cultural and agri-cultural considerations of farmers
C Stoate, RM Morris & JD Wilson .. 225

Landscape scale

Roadside vegetation in Australia: conservation values and function of a linear habitat network in rural environments
AF Bennett and R van der Ree .. 231

Green lanes: biodiversity reservoirs in farmland?
JW Dover& TH Sparks .. 241

The contribution of hedgerows to the landscape character and ecological integrity of a lowland English landscape
EA Simmons, J Connor & A Jucker .. 251

Poster Papers

Role of green veining to sustain biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
S Aviron & F Burel .. 261

Armorican bocages and societies: origins, evolution and interactions
D Marguerie, C Thenail & D Le Coeur .. 267

Spatial and ecological knowledge of the mountain bocage of Champsaur (French Alps)
B Martin, S Vanpeene-Bruhier & JJ Brun .. 273


Theme 3: Hedgerow, Management and Processes

The influence of hedgerow systems on water and pollutant fluxes: from the local
to the catchment scale
V Viaud, V Caubel, C Grimaldi, J Baudry & P Mérot .. 281

Planting and maintaining hedges in Europe
A Reif, P Bazin, J Degmair, V Tourret, Th Schmutz and H Walentowski .. 289

Botanical conservation values in Danish hedgerows
K Tybirk, E Aude, REjrnæs, J Reddersen, AB Hald, L Riberholdt, C Jönsson, JE Jørgensen, M Gramstrup, PR Andreasen, LR Vind, A Dalsgaard, NV Jensen, P Odderskær & HSell .. 299

Vetiver hedgerow: a hedge for environmental protection and landscaping
PNV Truong& MW L Pease .. 309

Treatments to restore the diversity of herbaceous flora of hedgerows
EJP Marshall, TM West & MJ Maudsley .. 319

The function of hedges in England and Wales – reasons for their establishment
C J Bickmore .. 329

Studies on the restoration of Welsh Hedges
MJ Hayes, AT Jones, NR Sackville Hamilton, J Wildig & A Buse .. 339

Poster Papers

Promotion of hedgerow landscapes – example of the Champsaur-Valgaudemar valley
R Bonet, A Bousquet, H Cortot, & M Villetard .. 349

The future for hedgerow protection in England and Wales
A R Congreve .. 355

Effects of management on the biodiversity of English hedgerows
EJP Marshall, MJ Maudsley, TM West & HR Rowcliffe .. 361

Understanding farm families’ choice of hedgerow management strategies
ME Renner .. 367

HEDGES: Everything about hedges in Europe - techniques, studies and advice for planting and maintaining hedges
V Tourret .. 373