Urban Landscape Ecology: Science, policy and practice

Urban landscapes cover only a small proportion of the Earth’s surface, but are indicative of the extensive transformations humans have made to the natural world. The future of the global human population is tied to urbanisation and the artificial ecosystems we are creating in the form of cities. The challenges for the natural environment on which these cities impact and depend, not only within their boundaries but also in surrounding peri-urban areas, continue to grow and there is an urgent need to increase the capacity for resilience and sustainability within urban landscapes.

A new book, ‘Urban Landscape Ecology: Science, Policy and Practice’ is an attempt to summarise some of the most recent research in urban landscape ecology and which address these issues. The book draws from a variety of perspectives and results presented at the 2014 ialeUK conference held in London at King’s College London. The conference was the first ialeUK conference to focus on urban landscapes, reflecting increasing global interest in the ecology and green infrastructure of cities. Academics, practitioners and policy makers from around the world participated in the conference and the diversity of perspectives this produced is reflected in the contents of the book.

Many of the chapters focus explicitly on spatial aspects of the urban landscape, while others consider discrete landscape components (e.g. rivers and ponds) or processes (e.g. recreational use of green space). Although all chapters focus on elements of ecology, biodiversity and/or environmental management, several fall within the remit of social science (such as perceptions and experiences urban biodiversity management), or urban planning. The book provides a much needed summary of current thinking on how urban landscapes can provide the foundation of sustained economic growth, prospering communities and personal well-being.

The book is available with a 20% discount for ialeUK members when purchasing directly from publishers Routledge (discount code available by logging into ialeUK website) or from sellers such as amazon.co.uk including an ebook.