Field Excursion

The River Adur
River Ardur. Photographer: Janine Forbes

The Knepp Estate

Knepp is a 3500 acre estate in West Sussex. Until recently the land was devoted to traditional arable and dairy farming. However, in 2001 focus was shifted to a pioneering ‘re-wilding’ management approach. This includes a series of regeneration and restoration projects aimed at ecosystem services, nature conservation and less intensive meat production. The field trip includes a tour of the estates projects including the restoration of over 2.2km of river, naturalistic grazing, and the adoption of community and educational programmes. There will be opportunities to discuss the processes and issues surrounding the application of this type of approach to this and other landscapes.

Friston Forest
Friston Forest. Photographer: Simon Carey

Friston Forest & Cuckmere Haven

Friston Forest is found on the Eastern tip of the South Downs National Park, East Sussex. The site comprises a 60 year old plantation where traditional cattle breeds have been introduced to recreate pasture woodland. The Cuckmere Valley has one of the least developed estuaries in the South East, and is one of the most iconic local landscapes. The dominant chalk cliffs are constantly eroding and existing rare habitats are threatened by sea incursion. The site is being considered or managed coastal and river re-alignment in order to ‘re-naturalise’ the existing landscape. There will opportunities to discuss future landscape options and their appropriate application in the short and long term at both these sites.