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ialeUK Annual Review 2015-2016 & committee nominations

committee nominations
The ialeUK Annual Review will be held on Wednesday 7th September 2016 during the ialeUK annual conference, this year being held at the University of Reading. The Annual Review will follow-on from the plenaries and symposia to be held on the day and is open to all current members of ialeUK. Find out what we have been doing over the year, meet the committee, provide feed back or more information on how to get involved.

Chance to win new book on urban landscape ecology

New book on urban landscape ecology
ialeUK Members have a chance to win a copy of a new book on Urban Landscape Ecology, edited by ialeUK and featuring many topics discussed at the ialeUK 2014 conference. The book provides a much needed summary of current thinking on how urban landscapes can provide the foundation of sustained economic growth, prospering communities and personal well-being. Read on to find out what the competition requires.

The importance of systems thinking in achieving a future vision for cities

Network Science Reading Group, Creative Commons (C)
When the question "What do you think the focus should be to deliver a sustainable London? was raised at Green Sky Thinking event, organised by Temple Group, early this year - the results were quite intriguing: Cycling infrastructure received 5.6%, green infrastructure received 22.2%, air quality received 27.8% and systems thinking received 44.4%. But what is Systems Thinking you might be asking? Nick Voulvoulis, a reader in Environmental Technology at Imperial College, who presented that morning provides useful insight.

SEC4 - spatial ecology and conservation conference: part 1

Gannets, ERT
The 4th ERT Spatial Ecology and Conservation Conference (SEC4) was held on the 12th – 14th July at the University of Bristol. Delegates from across the world gathered to present their work and to discuss the latest developments in all-things related to spatial ecology, conservation, policy and practice. ialeUK member, Jessica Neumann provides a synopsis of the event. With a wealth of information shared during the 3 day event, summary of key information on Symposia 1-4 is provided in this edition and Symposia 5 in the Autumn edition. Please read on.

Biodiversity offsetting: better for nature

small pearl bordered fritillary (credit: Author)
Biodiversity offsetting is controversial. People suspect developers of trying to buy their way out of conservation requirements by compensating for biodiversity losses somewhere else. But the framework for offsetting provides several advantages that current wildlife legalisation doesn’t offer, and we desperately need these if we’re to reach our UK target of halting biodiversity loss by 2020. This article provides a consultant ecologists' view on the benefits of the scheme.