Rosie Whicheloe

25 years of ialeUK - past, present and future

A flooded town in Oxfordshire (Credit: Photo: Sergeant (Sgt) Mitch Moore./MOD [OGL (], via Wikimedia Commons)
Welcome to our autumn newsletter. We have an excellent collection of articles, eighteen in total covering ialeUK news and wide-ranging insights into landscape ecology from the UK, Canada, Ireland and the United States. As part of our 25th Anniversary, we also want to hear from you. We want to understand what you think of landscape ecology: how far the discipline has come, the value of what we are doing now and the role we need to take in the future.

The Tool Assessor - Compare the market for methods in ecosystem services

Ecosystem Service: Valuing nature's services, understanding how nature works and involving people (Credit: JNCC)
If you were buying a car, you would compare the market for the car that suits your needs. Well, the same now can be done for ecosystem service approaches. The Tool Assessor, run by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network should be the first port of call, providing time-saving information on the right tool for the job. This article provides a summary of the main features of the website and relevant links.