Welcome to this April edition of the IALE UK newsletter. Over the next few issues we will be introducing several new regular features for the newsletter, as we seek to better connect the landscape ecology community. This time round Geoff Griffiths kicks off a series of 'Day in the Life of a Landscape Ecologist' articles. Keep an eye on the next issue for the arrival of more new features. 

Our postgraduate and early careers group continues to be active, with the launch of a journal club in February, reviewed here by postgrad representative Caitlin Lewis, and a forthcoming woodland creation workshop in Wales. See here for a roundup of upcoming events, full details of the workshop can be found on our events page. This spring will also see the return of IALE UK's Landscape Connections webinar series. Join us on May 5th to hear about Kew's Landscape Ecology programme, and June 6th for a discussion about delivering Nature Networks in Wales. Full details and registration links are on the Landscape Connections page of our website. 

In international news, the latest IALE Europe newsletter was publised in March, with news from the new Executive Committee. It's worth having a read through the new committee's action plan, which commits to Bringing the Members together by "investing in research, educational and networking activities to create new energy and synergies in physical and online events", among other actions. Meanwhile the early registration deadline for the 2023 IALE World Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, is May 15th. 

Finally for this issue, James Millington reviews a new paper that revisits the 'SLOSS' (Single Large OSeveral Small) debate. We hope to highlight at least one paper this way in each issue, especially from the Landscape Ecology journal, and would particularly welcome contributions from paper authors. Please get in touch if you have a paper to suggest or would like to contribute an article about one of your own papers.