In this short newsletter we're focusing on ialeUK events. Caitlin Lewis brings us a full report from the ialeUK postgraduate and early career workshop on woodland creation that took place in Wales earlier this year. Continuing on the tree theme, a further reminder that this year's Bunce lecture takes place on November 30th, focusing on Agroforestry. A panel discussion will follow the keynote presentation by Teresa Pinto-Correia (Professor of Geography, University of Évora), and for those able to meet in person the discussion will continue on a field trip the following day with Reading University Agroforestry Group. Following on soon after on December 4th we have an introduction to using meteorological and hydrological data for ecologists, taking place at the University of Reading. Follow the link for more details and to register. 

Our 'day in the life' subject for this issue is ialeUK president Marc Metzger. Marc reflects on the 'undisciplinary' nature of landscape ecology and the influence on his career of connections made through IALE. We hope you'll chose to join us at some future ialeUK events to help forge new connections: with the world facing multiple interlocking challenges there's never been a better time to think and act at a landscape level. Or, as the Landscape Institute put it in their response to this year's state of nature report, "it is imperative that we develop a social, natural and economic landscape in which these challenges (the climate and nature emergencies) can be addressed through integrated, collaborative means".   

We'd love to hear from you if you would like to contribute to the ialeUK newsletter. Perhaps there's a research summary, conference/trip report or event notice that you'd like to share with our network, or you'd like to be featured in 'A Day in the Life of a Landscape Ecologist'. We're also looking for landscape pracitioners to share their perspective on current policy and practice. For these or any other potential contributions please do get in touch: newsletter@iale.org