Committee roles


  • ialeUK committee meets 3-4 times a year and each committee member should be prepared to attend at least 2 meetings per year.
  • Each committee member role is required to submit a report for each committee meeting.
  • Each member of the committee shall provide an annual report and submit to the secretary two weeks before an Annual General Meeting.
  • Roles within the ialeUK committee require a varying degree of commitment, with a minimum of 3 days per year for meetings and activities (e.g. ordinary member)
  • The descriptions of roles below are intended to indicate the type of activities associated which each role.
  • These role descriptions were last updated 12 February 2022.


  • Chair ialeUK committee meetings and the AGM at the Annual Conference.
  • Ensure the ‘proper’ running of ialeUK in accordance with the statutes of the Constitution.
  • Liaise with the secretary with regard to the timing and arrangement of ialeUK meetings.
  • Consider items to be discussed at meetings and prepare an agenda.
  • Contribute towards the development of ialeUK:  Liaison with external organisations: other learned societies, government, government agencies, government, universities, NGOs etc
  • Encourage development and applications of landscape ecology
  • Promote ialeUK at all levels
  • Liaise with International IALE and represent the views of ialeUK to International IALE.


  • Ensure the accounts of IALE (UK) balance.
  • Note all items of income and expenditure.
  • Liaise with membership secretary concerning number of standing order subscriptions.
  • Pay IALE annual subscription to IALE based on number of members provided by membership secretary.
  • Liaise with accountants and Companies House in regards to the end of year accounts.
  • Issue and countersign cheques on behalf of IALE(UK).


  • Coordinate dates and venues of ordinary committee meetings and special committee meetings [with no less than 4 days notice].
  • Collate information for agenda items and produce agendas for the above meetings.
  • Produce a full record of ialeUK committee meetings
  • Produce and circulate actions for committee members promptly.
  • Provide at least 21 days notice of an annual general meeting to the membership [September each year].
  • Organise elections for committee membership at the annual general meetings [nominations for election to the Executive Committee must be made by members in writing and handed to the secretary at least 14 days before the annual general meeting. Should nominees exceed vacancies an election by ballot will be organised].
  • Produce agenda and a full record for the annual general meetings.
  • Respond if more that 1/10 members apply in writing for a special annual meeting [giving at least 21 days notice and stating the business to discuss].
  • Collate contact details of elected committee members, inform web manager of email addresses for the ialeUK committee email.
  • Collate and forward information to committee members from external sources.
  • Correspond on behalf of the chair.
  • Receive applications for and coordinate allocation of Student Conference Travel Awards with the Hon. Treasurer.

Membership Secretary

  • Maintain an up-to-date record of current members within the members section of the ialeUK website
  • Manage ialeUK PayPal for membership payments and liaise with the Treasurer regarding membership income
  • Welcome new members to ialeUK
  • Organise membership renewal reminders and encourage membership.
  • Send up-to-date membership information to IALE International and IALE Europe.
  • Present reports on membership to the Committee and to the AGM and current membership lists to the Committee on request.
  • Manage compliance with GDPR legislation

Publicity Officer

  • Manage domain name and web hosting accounts, with regular review to ensure good value for money
  • Develop the ialeUK website template in line with current web standards
  • Add content to the website promptly when supplied by the committee or wider membership (remove content when it becomes outdated)
  • Manage ialeUK social media accounts and use them for publicity, including twitter, LinkedIn and flickr
  • Work with Newsletter Editor to publish newsletters on the website and publicise via social media
  • Work with Conference Organisers, Webinar Convenors and others to advertise events on the website, social media and elsewhere
  • Create content for the website and social media
  • Encourage the ialeUK membership (and others) to submit content for the website and social media

Newsletter Editor

  • Produce a newsletter for circulation to ialeUK members (and all those with an interest in landscape ecology) 6 times a year.
  • Request information and articles from the Committee and Membership.
  • Approach potential authors for special features for the newsletter.
  • The Newsletter should include;
    • An editorial note
    • Articles supplied by the membership and committee on topical matters relating to landscape ecology
    • Provide publicity space for forthcoming meetings and workshops
    • Contain the write up of student reports from conferences where those students have received funding grants from IALE(UK)
    • Coverage of recent papers in Landscape Ecology, Landscape and Urban Planning and other notable papers relevant to landscape ecology.

Webinar convenor

  • Develop and run the ialeUK webinar series, Landscape Connections:
  • With committee input, develop a rolling list of potential speakers, with the aim of providing a diverse programme of landscape ecology topics, speakers, and perspectives from policy, practice and science
  • Invite speakers and liaise with them to arrange the webinar (offer a practice session on Zoom)
  • Aim to run three webinars a year, avoiding the summer holidays and ialeUK conference period (roughly November, March May - 4/4.30pm), including the annual ‘Bunce lecture’ on years when it isn’t integrated into the conference programme.
  • Set up the webinars via Zoom and monitor the participation list
  • Liaise with the publicity officer and newsletter officer to publicise webinars via newsletters, Twitter and other channels
  • Run the webinars - one person carrying out technical bits and one person introducing the speaker and fielding questions
  • Briefly introduce ialeUK and publicise any upcoming events or news during the webinar
  • Edit the webinar recording and add to YouTube (given speaker's consent)
  • Maintain the webinar emails ( and webpage

Student Representative

  • To network with postgraduate students researching in the field of Landscape Ecology.
  • Recruit new student members and maintain relationships with existing members.
  • Organise an annual Student event.
  • To be responsible for an annual budget for student events.
  • Report to the committee from student workshops and events
  • Follow up on reports from student receiving Student Travel Awards
  • Contribute PGR-related items to the IaleUK newsletter

Ordinary members

  • Attend committee meetings to engage in discussion about the future direction and governance of iale UK, with voting rights
  • Uphold the interests of ialeUK and to promote the principles and practise of landscape ecology to members and the wider community.

Conference Organiser

  • organise the IALE ialeUK annual conference This involves:
  • setting the conference topic;
  • identifying a venue;
  • putting out calls for papers;
  • selecting abstracts and speakers;
  • organising (and usually editing) conference proceedings;
  • organising accommodation and meals;
  • managing budgets;
  • publicising the conference;
  • setting the conference programme;
  • resolving any problems that arise during the conference; and where possible:
  • organising a field trip;
  • organising evening social events.
  • After the conference has taken place, subsequent roles include passing information on to the next conference organiser and a continuing role as an ordinary member of the committee until all conference business is concluded.
  • If not a committee member the conference organiser may be co-opted onto the committee until such time as the conference and conference business is concluded.