Videos, Maps, Podcasts & Apps



  • A superb video on networks and ecological resilience (by Nature Video Channel, published, 17/02/2016).
  • Educational cartoon on ecosystem services (by OPERAS Project, published, 20/11/2015).
  • Videos from CIEEM Autumn Conference in 2015, including presentation by Sir John Lawton "Making even more space for nature? A parable from Chernobyl" and inspriational videos about the John Muir Trust.
  • Green Infrastucture & place making is in discussion on Parlimentary TV with Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute and Iain Taylor, Director of Business Development, Land Trust. A good listen if you have a bit of time (Crown Copyright 29/10/2015).
  • A collection of aerial photographs from around the world  (published by Planet Labs 25/02/2015).

Smart Phone Apps:

  • Get Extra Nature from using this App. by Walkanomics.
  • Discover the geology of Britain with this App from The British Geological Society. Use your camera to unlock the hidden details beneath your feet and by painting geological maps over the landscape that you see.

BigData Maps:

  • Open Source Big data provided by Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) has collated data to create a highly detailed colour-coded map of cities and towns across the UK. Different layers can be switched on and off and shows a wide range of consumer data from house prices, travel preferences to age of buildings. Definitely Worth a look. Data can be downloaded too.
  • Interactive map of New York City Street Trees by species (published by Jill Hubley 11/05/2015).


  • LondonistOutLoud goes green and talks to Daniel Raven-Ellison in this radio interview on a walk in South London. Daniel is spearheading a campaign to make London a National Park City and what that means for Londoners (published by LondonistOutLoud December, 2015).
  • The BBC4 series called Plants from Roots to Riches  assesses the cultural value of ecosystems for our health and well-being (presented by Kathy Willis, 21/09/2014).