The landscape of food

Allotment produce. Jon (CC BY 2.0)

A selection of thought-provoking TED talks that use impressive visualisations to illustrate spatial patterns in data.

Social diversity: Typically we may think race, religion or culture, but this talk illustrates vividly that there is other diversity that’s important within a city.  View talk

Visualising data: The art, science and simplicity of infographics for presenting and understanding data. View talk

Big data: visualising data contextually helps understand complex situations. View talk

Media Networks: The spread of TED talks across the globe with some impressive landscape graphics. View talk

The structure and pattern of war:  Is war governed by natural processes? Can war be understood by looking at big data? View talk

Happy maps: Do you ever take a longer route home, to enjoy better scenery, a good pub or the smells of a food market? These and other human sensory emotions are what drive happy maps. View talk

The Dublin Bus Map: The value of a good map explained and pictured in the example of the bus routes in Dublin. View talk