Guidelines for submitting articles

We would like to encourage members to submit articles and images for inclusion in future editions. See the guidelines on the newsletter webpage or if you have any queries contact newsletter [at] iale [dot] org [dot] uk

Please submit articles electronically in MSWord or RTF format. These formats are more easily available than other word processing applications.

Please ensure that articles that no more than 1000 words in length.

Please include a short summary of approximately 50 words.

Provide a short biography (~25 words) and contact information. This doesn't count as part of your word count.

Indicate copyright information if applicable. If you own the copyright for an article, indicate this with your submission so that we can provide appropriate attribution. If you don't own the copyright, but think an article is interesting, provide the article, along with the contact information for the copyright holder and the name of the publication where it was originally published.

Use a friendly, casual tone. We want to make the information as accessible as possible.

If you want images included in your article, please send the JPG and don’t just embed it in Word.