Does your job title say Landscape Ecologist?

In academia, the new science of Landscape Ecology is much better known then in practice. Equally, there are probably people undertaking research and projects that involve the understanding of landscape ecology, without perhaps even knowing about it. As the needs of society and more importantly current planning policy dictates, so will the need for proffessionals specifically skilled in “landscape ecology” be requested. In the last year I have seen only a handful jobs advertising for such as person, but this is 100% more than 5 years ago. As someone who has had a mild obsession with anything landscape ecological, I am interested (and I am sure other members and their colleagues are too) to understand what practicing landscape ecologists actually do in their day-to-day jobs. And bearing in mind the discipline is inherently cross-disciplinary, how varied is one landscape ecologist job to another? Do they have a set of similar skills? And did they all love Geography at A-levels!? So if you are a “landscape ecologist” by profession, please get in touch at newsletter [at] iale [dot] co [dot] uk, to complete a short Q&A and I’ll publish the responses in the next newsletter. Many thanks, Rosie