Catchment Sensitive Farming Grant Scheme


The Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Capital Grant fund opened for applications from Farmers in 79 priority catchments across England on Friday 1st March 2013. With a budget of £15.5 million, more than 40 types of projects are eligible, including installation of water troughs, management of pesticides to reduce groundwater impacts, roofing manure and silage stores and works to keep livestock away from streams. Such capital work will reduce the risk of water pollution arising from agricultural activity and help to improve water quality of England’s streams and rivers.  

The fund was launched in 2007 to meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive and Natura 2000 objectives. Since then £54m in grants has been distributed to over 6000 farmers and land managers for capital works, and has proved successful in reducing diffuse water pollution. In addition to the environmental benefits, individual catchments are supported by CSF Farming Officers who provide specialist training and advice on topics such as nutrient management, planning and husbandry which can save farmers money and lead to better business efficiency. 

For further information on the project itself and successful case studies please visit the Natural England’s Catchment Sensitive Farming information pages. Please also visit Defra’s website for more on the link between CSF and the Water Framework Directive