Useful Conferences

‘envecon 2011: Applied Environmental Economics’

4th March 2011: The Royal Society, London.

This one-day event, organised by the UK Network of Environmental Economists (UKNEE), will include: a keynote speech by Professor Bob Watson (Chief Scientific Officer of Defra); a plenary session reporting from the (UK) National Ecosystem Assessment project and future research agenda; and parallel sessions on economic appraisal, governance and resource management, energy and climate change, and economic valuation. Now in its 9th year, the conference seeks to bring together environmental economists from public and private sectors, academia and consultancy to share results of recent research and to discuss issues relevant to the practical application of environmental economics in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. By creating a mutual platform for those who commission work and those who undertake it, the conference aims to contribute to the effective use of environmental economics for environmental policy and management, as well as influence the research agenda.




‘The Scottish Green Roof Conference’

31st March 2011: The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

This one-day conference seeks to bring together leading green roof experts from across Europe to provide an opportunity to hear about the latest case studies, research and policy initiatives. The conference aims to improve understanding and promote the benefits of green roofs in a changing climate. Specific objectives include: (1) to explore Scottish planning policy relevant to green roof implementation; (2) to provide an opportunity to share and disseminate good practice in green roof design, construction and maintenance; (3) to learn about the contribution green roofs can make to sustainable urban regeneration and climate change adaptation; (4) to discover how green roofs in an urban setting can contribute to habitat provision, health and well being; and (5) to inspire those within the built environment sector to implement green roofs wherever practical. (0)




‘Ecosystem services: integrating science and practice’

4th – 7th October 2011: Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Organised by the Ecosystem Services Partnership, in collaboration with Wageningen University, this conference seeks to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to exchange information and ideas about new developments and pressing issues on the science and practice of ecosystem services (ES), and to strengthen the partnership as a continuous platform for dialogue on this important topic. The Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP) is a worldwide network, initiated in 2008, to enhance the science and practical application of ecosystem services assessments by connecting researchers to NGOs, environmental agencies, educators, policy-makers, politicians, and the general public, to develop and implement best practices for managing ecosystem services more sustainably. ESP has a Steering Committee which is currently chaired by Dr Rudolf de Groot (Wageningen Univ., NL) and Prof Robert Costanza (Portland Univ., USA). The day will include both presentations and posters, as well as working groups around the following topics: quantifying, mapping, and modelling of ecosystem services (and finding appropriate indicators); valuation of ES and use in trade-off analysis and other decision support systems; use of ES in planning and management: concepts, tools and practical cases and guidelines; financing mechanisms for ES, including business opportunities and economic instruments; and, the role of ES in policy making and institutional aspects (including networking and communication).


US-IALE 2011 Annual Symposium: Sustainability in Dynamic Landscapes

April 3-7, 2011       Portland, OR