Tools for Analysing Landscape Connectivity: Methods and Applications

This recent course held in the sunny and vibrant city of Madrid, was attended by 33 participants from 18 different countries across the globe, all working or researching in landscape ecology or more specifically landscape connectivity.The course instructor Dr Santiago Saura provided an excellent insight into not only the concepts of spatial change associated with habitat fragmentation but also the different methodological approaches which can be taken to quantify landscape connectivity. An in depth look at the tools provided within the software package Conefor, as well as additional connectivity packages was provided through practical examples and several relevant case studies. It was evident that enhancing connectivity and supporting effective conservation planning was at the heart of the development of the Conefor software. I can safely say that all participants had a good time and valued the experience. Grateful thanks extends to Santiago Saura and his demonstrators for their enthusiasm and time. Santiago intends to hold future courses on the use of Conefor, so watch this space for any further advertisements.