Helping to monitor mammals on roads

In the 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, mammal populations in Britain have undergone many changes. While some furry royal subjects such as rabbits and foxes have grown in numbers over the decades, other iconic native species such as the red squirrel and hedgehogs have suffered a dramatic decline.

This summer sees the start of the 12th People's Trust for Endangered Species Mammals on Roads survey, which asks motorists, especially families travelling together by car, to record sightings of any mammals, dead or alive, that they spot from their vehicle, contributing towards our efforts to monitor the changing state of Britain’s mammals.

Wildlife enthusiasts can complete the survey via a printed pack or by downloading the free Mammals on Roads app onto their iPhone (Android version coming soon).

Previous findings from the survey have already alerted us to the possible drastic decline in hedgehogs and were the impetus for our hedgehog projects and surveys.

CLICK HERE to read more and take part in Mammals on Roads before 30th Sept

Mammals on Roads 2012 is kindly supported by Britpave Barrier Systems. As well as saving human lives, Britpave hopes to help the long-term future of Britain’s mammals too by sponsoring this vital survey.