CCW common land consultation

Every ten years, the Countryside Council for Wales is required by law to review the maps of open access to mountain, moor, heath, downland and registered common land in Wales.

The process started on the 16th July 2012 when CCW issued the draft maps of open country and registered common land. Based on these, landowners, user groups and anyone with an interest will be able to make representations.

The Review Timetable:

16th July 2012
CCW will issue All Wales draft maps of open access. This is the opening date for representations to be submitted to CCW.

23rd November 2012
Closing date for representation submitted to CCW.

7th August 2013
CCW will issue All Wales provisional maps.

7th November 2013
Deadline for appeals applications to the Planning Inspectorate.

9th May 2014
Appeals process ends.

24th September 2014
CCW will issue All Wales conclusive map.

For more info on the process and to see the maps on the CCW website: