Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP)

Here is some basic information about the GIP as we’ve had many new people join the distribution over the last few months, and some may not be completely sure of what it’s all about or know about the great LinkedIn group (see further down).



A key theme in last year’s Natural Environment White Paper is the need for an integrated landscape scale approach to planning, managing and improving the natural environment for the benefit of people and wildlife.  The White Paper included a number of commitments to help to make this approach a reality, including a new Green Infrastructure Partnership.  The Partnership was launched by our Minister, Richard Benyon, last October and brings together representatives from local communities, civic and environmental groups, local government, planners and developers, academia and central Government to establish a better dialogue to address how green infrastructure can be enhanced in England to strengthen ecological networks and ecosystems services, and improve communities’ health and wellbeing.  More details are on our website at, including Richard Benyon’s speech at the launch of the Green Infrastructure Partnership that explains what the Partnership is and what it hopes to achieve.



Many people are interested to know what sort of catchment the Partnership has.  There are almost 250 organisations in which we have contacts and that receive these emails from us.


Shared contact list

We have two contact lists - one that captures everybody but that we don’t disclose for data protection reasons, and one that lists the contact details of the Partners that have agreed for their details to be shared with the rest of the GIP.  If you would like me to add your name to this shared list, please let me know.  Or if you are on the list, and want to update your details, please also let me know. 



Michelle Parker of GreenSpace very usefully set up a Green Infrastructure Partnership LinkedIn Group where people can have discussions and post useful/interesting information for others to see.  Many people have already made use of this Group to discuss issues and ideas and advertise publications and events.  The Group is at the following link:, and members of LinkedIn can request to join, and those people not currently registered on LinkedIn may wish to join – a basic membership is completely free.


This Group on LinkedIn is not managed by Defra – it’s your Group to network on as you wish.


Ecosystems Knowledge Network (EKN)

 You may also be interested to know about the Ecosystems Knowledge Network.  This is a is a really great resource on the benefits of an ecosystems approach to people and nature, which helps to build sustainable communities.  Please take a moment to look around its website.  It’s free to register as part of the network and membership provides many benefits.


GIP Workstrands

Work is progressing well within the workstrands, particularly the Large Scale; Valuation; and Education, Training & Skills strands – many thanks to those that have got involved.  Others will be set up shortly,  such as Local Delivery; GI and the Built Environment; and Neighbourhoods.  The latter two are workstrands that the Project Officer, Jo Withers, was going to co-facilitate.  Jo is currently on a summer secondment and work is now underway to identify people that can now take on these co-facilitation roles.  We will keep you informed about when/where future meetings for these workstrands will happen.  


The Communications workstrand group consists of the main leads from each workstrand, and they met on 10 July for the first time to discuss a communications strategy.  We will send you the key points to come out of this meeting in due course. 


Research Scoping Study

Earlier this year the TCPA and the LI teamed up and carried out a GI Scoping Study after winning an open tender, culminating in a Round Table event on 16 April to present the findings.  The final report will be published very soon and will inform the future work of the GIP workstrands.  



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