Landscape Ecology Journal

Volume 27, Number 6 / July 2012



Estimating landscape resistance to movement: a review

Katherine A. Zeller, Kevin McGarigal and Andrew R. Whiteley



How deforestation pattern in the Amazon influences vertebrate richness and community composition

Paula Ribeiro Prist, Fernanda Michalski and Jean Paul Metzger



Fine-scale effects of habitat loss and fragmentation despite large-scale gene flow for some regionally declining woodland bird species

Katherine A. Harrisson, Alexandra Pavlova, J. Nevil Amos, Naoko Takeuchi and Alan Lill, et al.



Spatial dynamics of the knob-tailed gecko Nephrurus stellatus in a fragmented agricultural landscape

Don A. Driscoll, Catherine A. Whitehead and Juliana Lazzari



Floodplain ecosystem response to climate variability and land-cover and land-use change in Lower Missouri River basin

Yuyan C. Jordan, Abduwasit Ghulam and Robert B. Herrmann



Testing source-sink theory: the spill-over of mussel recruits beyond marine protected areas

Adam Ludford, Victoria J. Cole, Francesca Porri, Christopher D. McQuaid and Motebang D. V. Nakin, et al.



A fuzzy logic method to assess the relationship between landscape patterns and bird richness of the Rolling Pampas

Federico Weyland, Jacques Baudry and Claudio M. Ghersa



Spatial pattern of greenspace affects land surface temperature: evidence from the heavily urbanized Beijing metropolitan area, China

Xiaoma Li, Weiqi Zhou, Zhiyun Ouyang, Weihua Xu and Hua Zheng



Untangling the positive and negative effects of shrubs on herbaceous vegetation in drylands

Moran Segoli, Eugene D. Ungar, Itamar Giladi, Amir Arnon and Moshe Shachak



The effect of plant spatial pattern within a patch on foraging selectivity of grazing sheep

Yue Huang, Ling Wang, Deli Wang, Yexing Li and Diogo G. Alves


Book Review

R. N. Coulson and M. D. Tchakerian, Basic Landscape Ecology. Knowledge Engineering Laboratory Partners, Inc., College Station, Texas, USA. 2010, 300 pp. illus., maps; 23 cm. Paper, US$74.95, ISBN 978-0-9831617-0-7

Daniel M. Kashian


Book Review

D. McKenzie, C. Miller and D.A. Falk (eds.): The Landscape Ecology of Fire

Springer, New York, USA, 2011, 312 pp., illus, maps; 24 cm. Hardback, ISBN 978-94-007-0300-1.

Eric J. Gustafson


Book Review

I.P. Martini and W. Chesworth (eds.): Landscapes and Societies. Selected Cases, 1st Edition

Springer, New York, USA, 2011, XVII, 478 pp., 200 illus. Hardcover, ISBN- 978-90-481-9412-4, US$179.00

Kimberly E. Medley




Volume 27, Number 7 / August 2012



What size is a biologically relevant landscape?

Heather Bird Jackson and Lenore Fahrig



Modeling habitat dynamics accounting for possible misclassification

Sophie Veran, Kevin J. Kleiner, Remi Choquet, Jaime A. Collazo and James D. Nichols



Research Article

Least-cost modelling on irregular landscape graphs

Thomas R. Etherington



Distinguishing between human-induced and climate-driven vegetation changes: a critical application of RESTREND in inner Mongolia

Ang Li, Jianguo Wu and Jianhui Huang



Bottom-up control of a northern Arizona ponderosa pine forest fire regime in a fragmented landscape

Kathryn B. Ireland, Amanda B. Stan and Peter Z. Fulé



Habitat heterogeneity and life-history traits influence presettlement distributions of early-successional tree species in a late-successional, hemlock-hardwood landscape

Robert T. Fahey, Craig G. Lorimer and David J. Mladenoff



Evaluating the effects of upstream lakes and wetlands on lake phosphorus concentrations using a spatially-explicit model

Tao Zhang, Patricia A. Soranno, Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Daniel B. Kramer and Mary Tate Bremigan, et al.



Coupling ecosystem and landscape models to study the effects of plot number and location on prediction of forest landscape change

Yu Liang, Hong S. He, Jian Yang and Zhi Wei Wu



Modeling exurban development near Washington, DC, USA: comparison of a pattern-based model and a spatially-explicit econometric model

Marcela Suarez-Rubio, Todd R. Lookingbill and Lisa A. Wainger



Temporal variation of characteristic scales in urban landscapes: an insight into the evolving internal structures of China’s two largest cities

Chi Xu, Maosong Liu, Chao Hong, Ting Chi and Shuqing An, et al.


Book Review

Restoring ecosystems: a history, and some human dimensions

Mohan K. Wali


Book Review

Climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems

M. Kernan, R. W. Battarbee, B. Moss (eds): Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, UK, 2010, 328 pp. Cloth, US$110.00, ISBN 978-1-4051-7913-3

Robert A. Francis