Grassland Trust Launch report on Nature’s Tapestry

The Grasslands Trust recently launched our first in depth report into the state of England's grasslands. Nature's Tapestry examines the reasons why our wildlife-rich grasslands are so significant and need to be valued; not just for biodiversity and the broader environment, but also for their cultural, social and historical importance.

Set in the context of ecosystem services and the newly launched Natural Environment White Paper, Nature's Tapestry provides an illuminating update on the extent of these habitats, the impact of environmental stewardship schemes and the ineffectiveness of regulation to prevent further losses. It also provides readers with a suite of case studies from across England which help explain the measures this Government needs to take in order to prevent any further decline in what is undoubtedly this country's most threatened habitat.

Nature's Tapestry, written by Miles King, The Grasslands Trust's Director of Conservation, can be downloaded from: