ialeUK conference Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services

The programme for the ialeUK conference is now finalised and despite one or two late withdrawals there is plenty for landscape ecologists everywhere to get their teeth into:



19.00-21.00     Registration and Drinks Reception


Tuesday 6th     

0900-09.20      Mark Rounsevell - future landscape/land use change scenarios

09.20-09.40     Natalie Small et al. - Modelling Ecosystem Services

09.40-10.00     Marc Metzger et al. - Integrated assessment modelling of ecosystem services, vulnerability and adaptation in Europe and Scotland.

10.00-10.20     Eleni Kerali et al. - Estimating the impacts of land-use change on human well-being and the provision of ecosystem services


10.50-11.10     Eleonore Guillem et al. - The Aggregate effect of farmers management strategies on land use change and ecosystem services: The case of a Scottish arable catchment

11.10-11.30     Leslie Haines - The application of a greenspace model to Auckland City, New Zealand

11.30-11.50     Daniel Etongo - Landscape Ecological Mapping and Rural Land use change: The case of Ekondo-titi Sub-Division, South West Region, Cameroon.

11.50-12.10     Rob McCall et al. - Multiple land-use modelling to assess scope for biodiversity climate change adaptation in the Cambrian Mountains


13.30-13.50     Andy Moffat & Chris Quine - The ecosystem services framework: a new opportunity for UK forestry?

13.50-14.10     Alicia Suder - Maintenance of wet meadows within anthropogenic landscape. Sense or nonsense?

14.10-14.30     Cristina Carlos et al. - Does the landscape of Douro wine regionaffect the complex of anatagonists of the Grape Berry Moth

14.30-14.50     Christiane Schulz-Zunkel et al. - Nutrient Retention in floodplains of large rivers – case study Germany

14.50-15.10     Dawn Scott et al. - Recycling services provided by South Africa’s animal scavengers


15.40-16.00     Gary Grant and Blanche Cameron - Landscape Ecology Principles and Site Masterplanning: Ecosystems Services approach to planning Whitehill-Bordon Eco Town

16.00-16.20     Blanche Cameron and Taylor Roark - Integrating an ecosystem services approach into the built environment professions


17.15-18.15     ialeUK Annual General Meeting

19.30-20.30     Poster session




Wednesday 7th           

0900-09.20      Chris Baines - Communicating Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services

09.20-09.40     Dusty Gedge et al. - Adapting London to climate change through retrofitting ecosystem services: The Green Infrastructure Audit of the Victoria Business Improvement District

09.40-10.00     Ian Mell - Valuing Attractive Landscapes in the Urban Economy: Balancing the value of the environmental resources within an evaluation of urban Green Infrastructure investments in North-West Europe

10.00-10.20     Diana Pound - The Eco-what approach?


10.50-11.10     Sylvia Haslam - Water: the greatest ecosystem service

11.10-11.30     Lisa Norton - What scale/approach is relevant for understanding ecosystem services?

11.30-11.50     Genevieve Patenaude et al. - Conceptualising ecosystem services for poverty alleviation

11.50-12.10     Donna Clarke et al. - The effectiveness of landscape-scale conservation initiatives in Britain: What can we really assess?


13.30-13.50     Harriet O'Keefe and Julia Morris - Living Landscapes and Landscape ecology - voluntary initiatives to green up and join up the Black Country

13.50-14.10     Mark Champion - Restoration at the Wigan Flashes: Restoring the Post-Industrial Landscape for Wildlife Conservation: A Case Study.

14.10-14.30     John Hughes et al. - Does anyone on the ground know about landscape ecology and ecosystem services? And so what!

14.30-14.50     James Moloney - Thailand Community Forests

14.50-15.10     Sue Young - Landscape conservation - from theory to practice


15.40-16.00     Peter Carty -  Landscape working in the Shropshire Hills: a practitioners tale

16.00-16.20     Richard Smithers - Embracing landscape ecology and ecosystem services


17.00-18.30     Conference Workshops

19.30-21.30     Conference Dinner




Poster Presentations

1          Simon Cooter - The Stiperstones: the centre of a landscape jigsaw

2          John Gallagher - A Song of the south: evidence of inter-decadal limit-cycles within a seagrass landscape, as an amplitude modulated consonance

3          Richard German and Tim Benton - Contrasting responses of different natural enemy guilds to landscape composition and structure: Predators and parasitoids of cereal aphids in the UK

4          Mark Steer - Climate change in a changing climate: projecting the impacts of environmental and socio-economic change in a wetland landscape.

5          Christin Haida et al. - Societal Relevance of Ecosystem Services in Mountain Environments

6          Oliver Hölzinger - Economic Valuation in Practice: The Green Infrastructure in Birmingham and the Black Country

7          Laura Silva et al. - Mapping landscape functions

8          Pierluigi Tartaro et al. - Changes in diversity of Swiss alpine pasture farming since 1880 - a landscape historical assessment (AlpPAST)

9          Grace Twiston-Davies et al. - The Importance of Matrix Permeability in Promoting Biodiversity Enhancement at The Stonehenge Landscape Restoration Project

10        Frauke Weber et al. - Roadside vegetation and ecosystem services



Thursday          Field Trips

09.15-09.30     Coach Embarkation

09.30-14.00     Shropshire Hills

09.30-14.00     Black Country Living Landscape