CIWEM's new Natural Capital Network

The function of the Natural Capital Network (NCN) is to provide expert views for the Institution and to be a sounding board for current and new initiatives.

The Natural Capital Network (NCN) brings together government/non-governmental bodies, industry, academia and other stakeholders to stimulate sharing of knowledge and good practice in the management of Natural Capital. The network will focus specifically on the interactions of people with the natural environment, considering the impacts of human activity on ecosystems and landscapes and how these can be sensitively managed.  It also considers the benefits to humans in terms of mental and physical wellbeing that can be gained from exposure to a healthy natural environment and how ecosystem services can be enhanced in the built, historic and managed environment.

The NCN is a virtual global network, operating mainly by email and other social networks, driven by a Steering Group. If you have any of the above elements as part of your post, are interested in Natural Capital, or require further information on joining the network or steering group please contact jcooper [at] ciwem [dot] org