Landscape Ecology Journal

Volume 26, Number 6 / July 2011

Research Articles


The land use–climate change–energy nexus Virginia H. Dale, Rebecca A. Efroymson and Keith L. Kline



The spatial pattern of demographic performance as a component of sustainable landscape management and planning Matthew R. Dzialak, Stephen L. Webb, Seth M. Harju, Jeffrey B. Winstead and John J. Wondzell, et al.



Spatial prediction of caterpillar (Ormiscodes) defoliation in Patagonian Nothofagus forests Juan Paritsis, Thomas T. Veblen, Jeremy M. Smith and Andrés Holz



A Bayesian MCMC approach to reconstruct spatial vegetation dynamics from sparse vegetation maps Imelda Somodi, Klára Virágh and István Miklós



Testing coexistence of extinction debt and colonization credit in fragmented calcareous grasslands with complex historical dynamics Julien Piqueray, Sara Cristofoli, Emmanuelle Bisteau, Rodolphe Palm and Grégory Mahy



Landscape context matters: local habitat and landscape effects on the abundance and patch occupancy of collared lizards in managed grasslands Emilie Blevins and Kimberly A. With



Multi-scale environmental heterogeneity as a predictor of plant species richness Jennifer K. Costanza, Aaron Moody and Robert K. Peet



Positive effects of forest fragmentation, independent of forest amount, on bat abundance in eastern Ontario, Canada Kevin Ethier and Lenore Fahrig



Landscapes as continuous entities: forest disturbance and recovery in the Albertine Rift landscape Joel Hartter, Sadie J. Ryan, Jane Southworth and Colin A. Chapman


Book Reviews


C. Warren, Managing Scotland’s environment, 2nd edition. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2009, 520 pp, 100 illus., Hardback, ISBN 978-0-7486-2490-4, £100.00, Paperback, 978-0-7486-2491-1, £29.99 Salman Qureshi



Irus Braverman, Planted flags: trees, land, and law in Israel/Palestine. Cambridge University Press (Cambridge studies in law and society series), New York, 2009, 254 pp., ISBN 978-0-521-76002-7 Ralph E. J. Boerner



Janet Franklin (with a contribution by Jennifer A. Miller): Mapping species distributions: Spatial inference and prediction Cambridge University Press, 2009, 320 pp, Illus, maps; Hardback, ISBN–978-0-521-87635-3 (122.00), Paperback ISBN 978-0-521-70002-3, US $53.00 Steven K. Friedman



Volume 26, Number 7 / August 2011


Spatial resilience: integrating landscape ecology, resilience, and sustainability Graeme S. Cumming



Edge effect and matrix influence on the nest survival of an old forest specialist, the Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) Jean-François Poulin and Marc-André Villard



Spatial patterning of fuels and fire hazard across a central U.S. deciduous forest region Michael C. Stambaugh, Daniel C. Dey, Richard P. Guyette, Hong S. He and Joseph M. Marschall



Spatio-temporal variation in the demographic attributes of a generalist mesopredator James C. Beasley, Zachary H. Olson, Guha Dharmarajan, Timothy S. Eagan and Olin E. Rhodes



Graph-theoretic connectivity measures: what do they tell us about connectivity? A. Laita, J. S. Kotiaho and M. Mönkkönen



Where do we go from here? Dispersal simulations shed light on the role of landscape structure in determining animal redistribution after reintroduction V. La Morgia, Elisa Malenotti, Guido Badino and Francesca Bona



Scaling relations between riparian vegetation and stream order in the Whitewater River network, Kansas, USA William C. Dunn, Bruce T. Milne, Ricardo Mantilla and Vijay K. Gupta



Landscape composition influences roe deer habitat selection at both home range and landscape scales Nicolas Morellet, Bram Van Moorter, Bruno Cargnelutti, Jean-Marc Angibault and Bruno Lourtet, et al.



Stability of ecosystem functioning and diversity of grasslands at the landscape scale Roxana Aragón, Martín Oesterheld, Gonzalo Irisarri and Marcos Texeira



Relative influence of local- and landscape-level habitat quality on aquatic plant diversity in shallow open-water wetlands in Alberta’s boreal zone: direct and indirect effects Rebecca C. Rooney and Suzanne E. Bayley



Habitat area trumps fragmentation effects on arthropods in an experimental landscape system Kimberly A. With and Daniel M. Pavuk



Book Reviews

 L. R. Parenti and M. C. Ebach, Comparative biogeography: discovering and classifying biogeographical patterns of a dynamic Earth. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2009, 295 pp. illus., maps. Cloth, ISBN 978-0-520-25945-4, US$50 Matt Fitzpatrick


C. A. Taylor, J. B. Taft, and C. E. Warwick (eds.): Canaries in the catbird seat: The past, present and future of biological resources in a changing environment. Illinois Natural History Survey Special Publication 30, Champaign, IL, 2009, 306 pp. illus., maps; 28 cm. Paperback, ISBN 978-1-882932-21-4, US $30.00 (can be purchased directly from the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability at the University of Illinois; Todd Hutchinson