Metropolitan matters: An ecosystems approach to our cities

The latest issue of ‘Ecosystems News’, contains articles on how an ecosystems approach is being applied in some of the UK’s largest population centres. UK cities and their regions are, in a very real sense, where the people are. These settlements are actively planning for the long term, each striving for prosperity and a place on the national and international stage. As they do so, there is huge potential for demonstrating lasting benefits from a holistic and inclusive approach to looking after the natural environment.

Since its launch in early 2012, the Network has served its members by providing opportunities to share good practice in how land and water environments are managed in accordance with the principles of an ecosystems approach. Many Network members are leaders in the approach. Most crucially, they are providing practical examples of projects that put equal emphasis on the following:

  • valuing nature;
  • understanding how nature works; and
  • involving people.

Articles in Ecosystems News include the pioneering work of Nick Grayson at Birmingham City Council and projects describing innovation in the Mersey Forest.

Ecosystems News is available as a PDF and in ebook formats at