Spring Sale Reminder

A reminder to all that ialeUK is having a Spring sale on all past conference proceedings from 5 years ago or more.

For the bargain sum of £5 you can get past editions. If you are interested in purchasing any of these please contact Geoff Griffiths on:

publications [at] iale [dot] org [dot] uk

For a full list of all proceedings visit the ialeUK, but the editions in the sale are shown below with their original price. N.B. Some proceedings are now out of print so are not available.

Planning, People and Practice. The landscape ecology of sustainable landscapes

Proceedings of the thirteenth annual IALE(UK) conference, held at The University of Northampton, 13th-15th September 2005. Edited by Duncan McColin & Janet Jackson.
Price £22 (members) £33 (non-members).

Landscape Ecology of Trees and Forests

Proceedings of the twelfth annual IALE(UK) conference, held at Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, 21st-24th June 2004. Edited by Richard Smithers.
Price £22 (members) £33 (non-members).

Avian Landscape Ecology: Pure and Applied Issues in the Large-scale Ecology of Birds

Proceedings of the eleventh annual IALE(UK) conference, held at University of East Anglia, 10th-13th September 2002. Edited by Dan Chamberlain and Andy Wilson.
Currently out of print

Hedgerows of the World: Their Ecological Functions in Different Landscapes

Proceedings of the European IALE(UK) conference held at University of Birmingham, September 2001. Edited by Colin Barr and Sandrine Petit.
Price £17 (members) £26 (non-members).

Quantitative Approaches to Landscape Ecology

Proceedings of the ninth IALE(UK) conference held at University of Wales, Bangor, September 2000. Edited by Tom Clare and David Howard.
Price £14 (members), £21 (non-members).

Heterogeneity in Landscape Ecology: Pattern and Scale

Proceedings of the eighth IALE(UK) conference held at IACR - Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol, September 1999. Edited by Martin Maudsley and Jon Marshall.
Price £14 (members) £21 (non-members).

Key Concepts in Landscape Ecology

Proceedings of the European IALE Congress held at Myerscough College, Bilsborrow, Preston, September 1998. Edited by J.W. Dover and R.G.H. Bunce.
Price £20 (members) £30 (non-members).

Species Dispersal and Land Use Processes

Proceedings of the sixth IALE(UK) conference held at the University of Ulster, September 1997. Edited by A. Cooper & J. Power.
Price £14 (members) £21 (non-members).

The Spatial Dynamics of Biodiversity

Proceedings of the fifth IALE(UK) conference held at Stirling University, September 1996. Edited by I.A. Simpson & P. Dennis.
Currently out of print

Landscape Ecology: Theory and Application

Proceedings of the fourth IALE(UK) conference held at Reading University, September 1995. Edited by G.H. Griffiths.
Currently out of print

Fragmentation in Agricultural Landscapes

Proceedings of the third IALE(UK) conference held at Myerscough College, Bilsborrow, Preston, September 1994. Edited by John Dover.
Price £14 (members) £21 (non-members).

The Ecology and Management of Cultural Landscapes

Proceedings of the second IALE(UK) conference held at The Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education, September 1993. Edited by Paul Selman.
Currently out of print

Landscape Ecology in Britain

Proceedings of the first IALE(UK) conference held at Nottingham University, September 1992. Edited by Roy Haines-Young.
Price £7.50 (members) £12 (non-members).