Scottish Natural Heritage Mapping Tool

Scottish Natural Heritage is developing an interactive land use mapping tool, and we'd like you to let us know how useful it is, and what we can do make it more so.

The tool can be accessed at: and there's a survey monkey questionnaire at: :   The accompanying user guide can be found here (131)

Please respond by 18th July 2012.

The tool is web based, freely available and requires no specialist software or GIS expertise. It allows a user to view maps of existing habitats and the networks they create, and zoom in or out to a range of scales. It also allows the user to scenario plan for land management - through drawing a shape on the screen, assigning a land use choice from a drop down list, and then viewing the effects the new change has on the existing habitats and networks. This can then be printed out, or amended, or refined, or the process begun again.

 We're hopeful this tool will be useful to a range of land managers and users (such as advisers, agents, planners and grant assessors).  In this trial phase, the user tool is only focussing on the Southern part of Scotland, and uses four broad habitat types.  We're hoping to expand both the area of coverage and the things the tool can do in the oncoming months.

 If you'd like more information, please contact phil [dot] baarda [at] snh [dot] gov [dot] uk