Landscape Image Library

Imagery is an important tool in landscape ecology. One the founding fathers of landscape ecology, Carl Troll, started his explorations of spatial pattern and process through the use of aerial photography, and more recently imagery from satellites has become an important data source for landscape ecology investigation. But photos from the perspective of an observer on the ground - you with your camera - are also a vital tool for communicating important landscape ecology concepts like environmental change and cultural heritage.

We're building a landscape ecology image library as a resource - complementary to other data sources - to help illustrate landscape ecology concepts, conceptualise processes, capture change, and exemplify typical landscapes.

Screenshot of the ialeUK Image Library on flickr

Images in the library are freely available to all for viewing and use can be contributed by anyone. View the library here. This page provides details on how you can contibute your photos and images.

By contributing your landscape images you can help to:

Or you can just share pictures of your favourite landscapes to show off their beauty, whether in the UK and the rest of the world.


All images in the ialeUK Flickr account are covered by a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence, shared between ialeUK and the image author (e.g. Credit: ialeUK/James Millington 2020). This licence means anyone is free to share and adapt the image, but only if they provide proper attribution and distribute the image under the same license. By submitting your image via this form you are agreeing to make your image available under the terms of the licence, which can be read in full here.


You can submit your landscape images individually using this form. If you have more than a few images to submit, email for information on how you can submit multiple photos as once.

When submitting photos you will need to provide some information about the photo to help organise images in the library and enable others to find them easily - some of this info is required and some is optional.

Required Information

  • Name - the name of the author of the image (will appear in the credit for the image)
  • Email Address - email address of the author (this not published but retained for future communication with contributors)
  • Image Title - an informative but brief (max 100 characters) title describing what the image shows
  • UK - indicate ('Yes' or 'No') if the image was taken in the UK
  • Image Year - four-digit year in which the image was taken (e.g. 2022, will appear in the credit for the image)
  • Album Names - the Albums already existing in the Flickr account to which the image should belong (can be a single Album name, or multiple)

Optional Information

  • Tags: General - general descriptive keywords to help users find the
  • Tags: Landscape Ecology - keywords selected from the landscape ecology tags (listed below)
  • Description - a short description (max 100 words) to accompany the image
  • Latitude - latitude of the location shown in the image (or where image was taken) provided in decimal degrees (value between 90 and -90) [not required if this info is available in the image EXIF metadata]
  • Longitude - latitude of the location shown in the image (or where image was taken) provided in decimal degrees (value between 180 and -180) [not required if this info is available in the image EXIF metadata]

Tags: Landscape Ecology

The following, derived from Young et al. (2021), are valid values for Tags: Landscape Ecology:

  • Pattern–Process–Scale relationships of landscapes [Lsp-Pat-Proc]
  • Landscape Connectivity and Fragmentation [Lsp-Con-Frag]
  • Land Use and Land Cover Change [LUCC]
  • Landscape History and Legacy Effects [Lsp-History]
  • Landscape and Climate Change Interactions [Lsp-ClimateChg]
  • Ecosystem Services in Changing Landscapes [Lsp-ES],
  • Green Infrastructure [Lsp-GI]
  • Planning and Architecture [Lsp-Plan-Arch]
  • Management and Conservation [Lsp-Mgmnt-Cons]
  • Cultural Landscapes [Lsp-Cultural]
  • Invasives, Pests & Diseases [Lsp-Inv-Pest]


If you have questions about the image library please email