The conference will be divided into four symposia.

Symposium 1: The long view on landscape ecology

Tuesday 27 June AM

Organisers: Marc Metzger, Jonathan Porter

This symposium will provide an opportunity to reflect on how landscape ecology has changed in the past 25 years and how it will continue to evolve. Speakers reflecting on papers presented at past ialeUK conferences are particularly welcome in this symposium.

Symposium 2: Upland landscape ecology

Tuesday 27 June PM

Organiser: Vanessa Burton

Shifting pressures and agricultural subsidies in the uplands have shaped patterns of land use and biodiversity in recent decades. New demands including catchment-scale water management and rewilding initiatives are changing patterns again. This symposium will provide an opportunity to reflect on changing patterns and to debate the future policy for uplands.

Symposium 3: Lowland landscape ecology

Wednesday 28 June AM

Organisers: Jess Neumann, Chloe Bellamy

Pressures for urban development and greater agricultural productivity are placing the lowland landscape under increasing strain. This symposium will explore relationships between spatial patterns of land use and landscape functions, providing insights into mechanisms for creating and supporting multifunctional, ecologically resilient lowlands.

Symposium 4: Seascape ecology

Wednesday 28 June PM

Organisers: Anja Liski, Ylva Longva

Long overlooked, seascape ecology is increasingly at the heart of balanced assessments of the marine and coastal environment. Improved data availability and developments in analysis techniques are supporting plans and decisions regarding the seascape in both UK and beyond. This symposium will consider how our changing knowledge and new analytical tools on seascape ecology are changing approaches to planning and conservation in the sea.