Hello and welcome to the Autumn edition of the ialeUK newsletter! This edition brings you feedback and thoughts on the excellent and lively conference, which was novel in its use of 5-minute flash presentations and interactive workshops. Key themes occurring throughout the conference were investigated further through the two field trips, which explored woodland restoration at Carrifran, and Green Infrastructure (GI) across the city of Edinburgh.

With interest and implementation of GI growing, we bring you an award-winning example of GI design, and encourage members to share their experience and thoughts on the Green Infrastructure Partnership. 

We provide you with an update on the UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow on phase, and travelling across the globe, an example of applying landscape ecology to inform sustainable management of biofuels and palm oil in Liberia. 

As the new editor, I would like to thank all the contributors who have helped me continue Chris’s superb role of filling this Newsletter to the brim with useful and interesting snippets from landscape ecology research and practice.

Happy Christmas!