Landscape Ecology Journal

Volume 27, Issue 9, November 2012



Experimental landscape ecology 

G. Darrel Jenerette, Weijun Shen    



Are landscape ecologists addressing uncertainty in their remote sensing data? 

Alex M. Lechner, William T. Langford, Sarah A. Bekessy, Simon D. Jones    



A meta-analysis on the impact of different matrix structures on species movement rates 

Amy E. Eycott, Gavin B. Stewart, Lisette M. Buyung-Ali…    



Spatial relationship between human population density, land use intensity and biodiversity in the Czech Republic 

David Vačkář, Karel Chobot, Erika Orlitová    



Effects of patch characteristics and within patch heterogeneity on the accuracy of urban land cover estimates from visual interpretation 

Weiqi Zhou, M. L. Cadenasso    



Topographic placement of management practices in riparian zones to reduce water quality impacts from pastures 

Denise A. Piechnik, Sarah C. Goslee, Tamie L. Veith, Joseph A. Bishop   



The accuracy of land cover-based wetland assessments is influenced by landscape extent 

Rebecca C. Rooney, Suzanne E. Bayley, Irena F. Creed



Environmental factors at different spatial scales governing soil fauna community patterns in fragmented forests 

Pedro Martins da Silva, Matty P. Berg, Artur R. M. Serrano   



An invasive species’ relationship with environmental variables changes across multiple spatial scales 

Jennifer E. Weaver, Tenley M. Conway, Marie-Josée Fortin    



An agent-based approach to modeling impacts of agricultural policy on land use, biodiversity and ecosystem services 

Mark Brady, Christoph Sahrbacher, Konrad Kellermann, Kathrin Happe    


Volume 27, Issue 10, December 2012


Landscape agronomy: a new field for addressing agricultural landscape dynamics 

Marc Benoît, Davide Rizzo, Elisa Marraccini, Anna Camilla Moonen   



Agricultural intensification exacerbates female-biased primary brood sex-ratio in tree swallows 

Renaud Baeta, Marc Bélisle, Dany Garant    



Influence of urban edges on stress in an arboreal mammal: a case study of squirrel gliders in southeast Queensland, Australia 

Grant Brearley, Clive McAlpine, Sarah Bell, Adrian Bradley    



A tool for testing integrated pest management strategies on a tritrophic system involving pollen beetle, its parasitoid and oilseed rape at the landscape scale 

Fabrice Vinatier, Marie Gosme, Muriel Valantin-Morison    



Landscape heterogeneity and the effect of environmental conditions on prairie wetlands 

Ivar Herfindal, Mark C. Drever, Kjell-Arild Høgda, Kevin M. Podruzny



Edge and area effects on avian assemblages and insectivory in fragmented native forests 

Luc Barbaro, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Brice Giffard, Inge van Halder    



Spatiotemporal scaling of North American continental interior wetlands: implications for shorebird conservation 

Gene Albanese, Craig A. Davis, Bradley W. Compton    



Quantifying the spatial relationship between bird species’ distributions and landscape feature boundaries in southern Ontario, Canada 

Aleksandra E. Polakowska, Marie-Josée Fortin, Andrew Couturier    



Comparison of historical and current forest surveys for detection of homogenization and mesophication of Minnesota forests 

Brice B. Hanberry, Brian J. Palik, Hong S. He    



Modeling acoustic diversity using soundscape recordings and LIDAR-derived metrics of vertical forest structure in a neotropical rainforest 

Burak K. Pekin, Jinha Jung, Luis J. Villanueva-Rivera 



Factors affecting intraspecific variation in home range size of a large African herbivore 

Robin Naidoo, Pierre Du Preez, Greg Stuart-Hill, L. Chris Weaver 



Phenological variability drives the distribution of wildfires in Sardinia 

Antonella De Angelis, Sofia Bajocco, Carlo Ricotta