Call for Presentations

Come and share your work

ialeUK conferences are known for their friendly atmosphere, encouraging livley exchange between researchers, practitioners and policy makers. We welcome contributions that provide insight, potential solutions, and examples of action on the ground. 

If you would like to contribute to the conference by presenting your work, please submit your 3000 character (±250 word) abstract using this online form by 1 April. 

Please indicate whether you wish to be considered for an oral presentation or a poster and please include indicate the symposium you would like to contribute to: 

  • Symposium 1: Public benefits 
  • Symposium 2: Restoring, planting and connecting 
  • Symposium 3: Trees and hedgerows
  • Symposium 4: Ecological resilience


Abstract acceptance process

The organising committee will review your abstracts and confirm acceptance by 15 April. You will then have until 3 May to secure your place by formally registering for the conference. At the tim eof acceptance we wil send out instructions to write a full-page abstract for the conference proceedings and guidelines for the poster presentations.