2018 - Landscape Ecology for Rewilding

Location: Kingussie, Cairngorms National Park

Dates: Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th May


This year's ialeUK student workshop will offer participants with research interests in rewilding the opportunity to take part in a residential trip to the Cairngorms, Scotland, where field visits to local sites will be combined with talks from expert speakers and discussions with peers. The event will take place in collaboration with Cairngorms Connect, a partnership of neighbouring land managers who are undertaking the largest habitat restoration project in Britain.

Rewilding, with a focus on restoring natural processes and ecological dynamics, falls within the framework of restoration ecology and embraces progressive interdisciplinary science. As such, there are many links to be made with landscape ecology, which explores the relationships between landscape pattern and the social and ecological processes occurring on land, freshwater and sea.

Nature will not thrive if restricted to small reserves that are disconnected from each other, and landscape ecology has grown from theories such as SLOSS (single large or several small), ecological networks and ‘bigger, better, more, joined’. All of these theories also have relevance to rewilding. Rewilding is also the subject of legitimate concerns, and it is recognised that citizens have a stake in any 'future natures' which emerge. Thus, landscape ecology can have an important bridging role, helping us to understand both ecological processes and societal viewpoints. We find ourselves at an exciting time in the design and innovation phase of rewilding, and landscape ecology research has a lot to offer this.

There will be a focus on thinking about how research methods in landscape ecology can both inform and learn from rewilding, thinking across scales, and over long times periods.


How to apply:

Applicants should be PhD or MSc students, and should fill out the online form by the 2nd March.

Successful applicants are encouraged to join ialeUK for the low student fee of £15

There may be an additional event fee (tbd, expected to be under £60) which will cover round-trip travel from central Edinburgh to Kingussie, as well as accommodation and food in the Cairngorms.


Indicative timeline:

1st May – 12.30pm Leave Edinburgh, arrive in Kingussie around 5pm

2nd – 3rd May – 2 full days incorporating talks and field visits

4th May – 10am Travel back to Edinburgh, arrive around 1pm


Any questions please contact: students@iale.uk